Miss R. Fedusenko - Grade 1

Email: rfedusenko@mansalberta.ca


Hello Grade One!

I miss you all so much! I hope everyone is enjoying their time at home and staying safe and healthy. A lot has changed over the past few weeks, especially with how we will continue our Grade One learning.  Our class will now be transitioning to an at home/distance learning program by using google classroom to access daily assignments and activities that I will be posting weekly.  Links to the online learning sites that we have been using as well as some new ones will remain here on my page to be easily accessed by all students. 

Parents and guardians, your child will be requiring assistance in the following weeks in learning how to successfully access these new learning tools. Please assist them with their assignments so our online class can continue to progress weekly. Also, if a parent or family member could be available to help if needed while your child is in a classroom Zoom meeting, it will greatly allow us to use our time successfully in our daily class meetings. 


Google Classroom

  • Parents helping students can go to google and click on the 9 dot square at the top right hand corner and click on the classroom icon.
  • Go to the Mamawi Grade 1 page were you can view the assignments listed for the week.

Zoom Meetings

  • Each day we will begin our class meeting at 10:30am on ZOOM to participate in some of the following: a mini lesson, discuss our assignments, review previous learning, listen to a story, or take part in a fun activity. That is just to name a few :)

Questions and Office Hours

  • All elementary teachers will have office hours each day 10:30 am - 2pm where I will be available to parents/students via ZOOM or email. (PLEASE NOTE: 10:30-11:30 is reserved for our worship and ZOOM classroom meeting time).