Mr. R. Nielsen - Grade 4


Hello Grade 4, I hope you enjoyed our Spring Break and you and everyone in you our family is feeling well.  As you are aware we will not be having regular school for a while but I will be keeping in contact with you on a regular basis and we will do our best to keep our learning going.  I will provide more information in the coming days on how this will happen.  In the meantime feel free to do the activities below.  

Mr.  Nielsen

Google Classroom Link : Class code required, contact me through the email above to obtain the code.


Zoom Meeting Gr. 4: Daily meeting starting March 31, 1:00 pm. 

Go to Google Classroom to attend the daily zoom meeting.  Password required for all students.  Contact me through email, or phone, if you do not know the Gr. 4 class code for Google Classroom.


Other Sites

Dr. Suess Day:

Time Games: clock shoot   telling-the-time   hickory Dickory

Socials: Regions

Splash Math

Money Games:   Money Master  Peter Pig

Math Suggestions From Pierce:  Money and Other Math Activities

Symmetry: Matching     Sorting Game      Quiz     

Subtraction Games:  Monkey Math

Addition Games Alien Addition   Monkey Math  Pac Man Addition   Pop Up Addition  Monster Addition          Addition Chains

Multiplication Games:

(x) Asteroids . Games  Pac Man Multiplication    Multiplication Cat