Mrs. J. Clark - Native Culture Studies

Grades 7-9

Guest Teacher:  Sheldon Rabbitt, from Maskwascis, Alberta visited the grades 7-9 students, November 28- 29, 2018  to introduce them to leather craft. The students used the leather stamps while making Christmas tree ornaments.  












Grades 5-6


Grades K-2

The grade 6 students volunteered their time to come and teach the Kindergarten students some beading skills while making ornaments for their Christmas tree.  






The Kindergarten students are learning how say the animal names in Cree, and how to draw the animals.  














A list of animal names in Cree .

Grades 3-4

Crafting Club:  December 12, 2018 marks the first after school Crafting Club event at Mamawi.   Our first crafting class was taught by Sheldon Rabbitt.  The students learned how to make box braids and how to set snaps.  








Our next crafting night will be January 16, 2019.  We will have Shaneek Roasting teaching a beading class.  

Permission form to stay after school for craft night: 


Plains Cree Language work book pdf - free   (Jean L. Okimāsis)

Plains Cree Language audio lab - free  (Jean L. Okimāsis )

Cree Kinship vocabulary online game

Cree Words online game

Cree Numbers online game

Cree Animals online game