Ms. D. Thiessen - Grade 3


Welcome Back!

I am so happy that we are able to be back together again!  I have missed you all so much!

Questions and Office Hours

  •   If you have not already updated your contact information with the school.  Please do so at your earliest convenience so we can get your child connected and ready to have online learning fun!
  • All elementary teachers will have office hours each school day 10:30 am - 2pm where students can contact me via email or google hangouts 
  • Students can chat with me or other classmates

Click the words to hear our school Theme Song 


The Creator God is watching over us all and cares about everything that concerns us.  It doesn't matter how big or small, he is listening. 

Click on this picture to send your prayer requests.  


Classroom Campfire is at 11:00 every school morning.  Go to the picture of the Classroom below and click to join.  




  • Come on in and Find Your Seat.  Click on the Picture and Join Google Classroom!



Plan For Your Child's Success!

  •  Support your child in getting 8-10 hours of sleep each night.
  •  A healthy breakfast and lunch can really make a difference.
  •  Limit screen time on devices for example TV, phones, computers and tablets.
  •  Read with your child 15-20 minutes a day.  They can read to you or you can read to them.  There also sites where famous people   will read to you.
  •  Make sure that you come to school dressed for the weather.

Just a few of the things you can look forward to this year as a member of the grade three class at Mamawi:

  • - A better understanding of Jesus through Bible study, prayer, stories, activities, music, videos, and more
  • -Kraay Family Farm Corn maze field trip 
  • - Swimming; dates see event calendar
  • - Other cool field trips; dates and venues to be announced
  • - Ukulele lessons
  • - Classroom games
  • - Fun learning activities
  • -Hatching chicks in our own classroom
  • - Friendly, team-oriented atmosphere

Science Topics:

Computer Links




National Geographic Kids